Understanding the Booking Status changes with an example ?

Understanding your ticket and WL number of PNR status On Railway ticket, there are two numbers which tell the position at which you joined the waitlist and current position. Example: You have booked a Railway Ticket to some destination. At the end of the Booking Ticket, you get a ticket with Position as WL5/WL2. In this example you joined the waitlist at position 5 (WL5), but by the time you actually bought the ticket online you moved to waitlist position 2 (WL2) (due either to a cancellation or to someone not making a final booking). The first number (WL5) will always stay the same it indicates position you joined the queue. The second number (WL2) will decrease until you get a ticket. Your railway reservation could change / upgrade like:

WL 5/WL 2 (Starting Position . Waitlist 2)

WL 5/WL 1 (Waitlist 1)

WL 5/RAC 3 (Reservation Against Cancellation 3)

WL 5/RAC 1 (Reservation Against Cancellation 1)

WL 5/CNF (Seat Confirmed) AB1 (Seat Number Confirmed)

WL 5/WL 2 = Waitlist ticket : you cannot board the train.

WL 5/RAC 3 = RAC ticket : you are allowed to board the train, but you may end up on a seat instead of a berth.

WL 5/CNF = Confirmed ticket : you can board the train and you have a berth to yourself.

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